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Guess the Rose is a a fresh new bachelor bracket platform made to please the most devoted bachelor fans as well as first time viewers. Create your own group to play against friends, family, and coworkers, or test your predictive powers against other bachelor fanatics in a public group**.**


Guess the Rose gameplay is simple: Root for your sweetheart all season long and make a series of fun weekly picks.



About the Makers

We're a team of four that loves building products that bring people together. Last year, we created Guess the Throne, a Game of Thrones death pool for the final season. We had a lot of fun and our community grew beyond our wildest expectations. Bachelor Nation is an incredible and dedicated community with a lot of fun and engaging content, so we can't wait to dive in! Among our team, we've got casual viewers and long-time fanatics, so we aimed to created this virtual Bachelor/Bachelorette fantasy league to be just as fun for both! This is our very first season. We’d love to hear feedback, including the bad, and questions.