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CampsiteTonight is the easiest way to find available campsites, showing you results from over 750,000+ campsites in seconds.

How it works

CampsiteTonight works like Kayak.com and Campnab put together. We aggregate campsite availability information across various federal/state parks, boondocking sites, and private campgrounds to show you everything available based on your selected location, dates, and other filters.

If the search results do not have what you are looking for, you can create an availability alert to get notified when campsites come available for a given area.

Once you have a spot you would like to book, we refer you to the service that located that campsite to complete the booking process.



CampsiteTonight is free to use, with a premium membership that unlocks additional features.

How We're Different

Campendium, AllStays, CampgroundReviews, The Dyrt, and similar apps are great for showing campsite information and reviews. However, none of them show you real-time availability. Oftentimes, you get super excited about a campground only to find out that it's booked for your targeted dates.

In terms of campsite tracking capabilities, Campnab and Wandering Labs only show you availability for a given campsite, not a broader area. Sometimes that is what you need if you want to stay at a specific campsite. More often than not, the destination is the location over a specific campground, so we alert you of anything available based on your target area.


About the Co-Founders

CampsiteTonight was created by Marcus Wood and Liz Reilly, full time RV-ers. Marcus is a software engineer and Liz is a Management Consultant. After spending as much time looking for the next campsite as enjoying the current one, together they built this app with the goal of becoming the first place people go to find great places to stay across the country.

Picture #1: Co-Founder, Marcus Wood

Picture #1: Co-Founder, Marcus Wood